Pros and cons of an online vs. studio yoga practice


Truth be told, I haven’t ever attended a live Yoga class. DYWM, specifically the 30 day Transform your Life challenge, has been my first foray into Yoga. What a great introduction to yoga!


I’ve debated taking classes at a studio. I imagine I will one day and perhaps occasionally after that. Unfortunately, my first experience with a studio was through Instagram. An instructor from a local studio decided to critique all of the yoga photos I posted. Nothing nice was said. I found it abrasive and inappropriate. Even if the critiques were right, social media is not the ideal setting for such uninvited feedback. However, I do think points from an instructor and connection with other students would be the primary pros.

I am managing a mental illness. For myself and others managing such conditions, sometimes we need to be in our own space until we work through certain things. Being able to practice at home gives us this opportunity so we can still reap the benefits of practice.

I prefer practicing at home more because I get to play and learn on my own. I’ve always preferred to learn this way. Yes, it can take longer, but I’m okay with that as it pertains to Yoga. I’m not in a rush to get anywhere and that’s a nice feeling. Sometimes I pause the DYWM videos and pout. Sometimes I cry. Other times, I’m laughing. I see it all as part of the PRACTICE, the wanderlust.


I love how positive you are and how you want rise above it all. Keep it up Percival, you rock!!


I came to yoga last year whilst hiking on Ibiza where my wife led me throught my first asanas. Back at home she introduced me to this website and we did some classes together. In November I found Fijis 14-day-challenge and followed that up as of 2nd of January with the 30-day-challenge. I have practised yoga every day since and have progressed a lot just due to the awesome instructors on this site. I have been to a studio twice and have just come back from a short yoga retreat on Scicily. I believe every one of these options has it’s benefits and going to a studio or a retreat will offer social interaction and tips from fellow yogis and instructors as well as backround information (which is great) but I could have never progressed as fast without the option of daily online classes from DYWM. My special thanks go out to Fiji, Tracey and Christa :hugs:



I landed on DYWM while travelling once to Bethesda and came out very dejected from a local Om Yoga studio. I had promised myself on that trip that I would be diligent in doing yoga everyday. Finding DYWM has transformed my practice. Now I practice almost 4-6 times/week, if not everyday, even if it is for 20 minutes/day. All I need is my yoga mat and a wi-fi connection. I have introduced it to countless people, including many of my patients. I suppose, one needs to find what connects them to this ancient practice of mind and body, but no matter which one works for you, keep it in your life. As a practicing endocrinologist, I can not stress enough, how trans-formative yoga can be. Thanks to all at DYWM for creating this amazing community. Thanks to all the instructors for their dedication and time. One day, when I’m travelling to Vancouver BC, I’ll show up in your studios. Until then, Namaste!


Greetings, All! I am so grateful for this yoga site! I am 70 years old (almost 71!) and have done yoga on and off since the mid-eighties. I have not been doing much yoga for the past ten years, as I just could not find a class that “fit” me, could not afford a personal yoga teacher, and could not get myself to practice on my own. When I discovered Do Yoga With Me this past summer, I decided to start from scratch as a complete newbie. It was the correct choice, as I did need a brush-up course in the basics and started with David’s beginner program. Thank you, David, and all the teachers I have found on your site since completing that program. I have never had a class that was so detailed as those that I am enjoying. I know that I better understand a lot of the details because of my previous in-person training, but have never been able to take the time to focus so closely on each important aspect of breath, mind, and body. It is like having many personal trainers! I do prefer being guided to doing yoga on my own, and Do Yoga With Me has kept me practicing at least three times a week for the past few months, with absolutely no desire to discontinue my practice as I have always been wont to do! Tahnk you! Thank you!


I love DYWM. I have practiced yoga on and off pretty diligently since I was young (my mom was a teacher when I was a very young child), but mostly did it on my own with video tapes, then DVDs, none of which were highly satisfying to me. I have never had the money to have a regular, 3-5 days a week of classes at a studio, so when I discovered this site, I was elated. I have enjoyed every class I have done, and the nice thing is I can choose that morning what kind of yoga I want or feel like I have the energy for. At this point, I can honestly say if I had the money for studio classes, I would stick with DYWM. :slight_smile:


Pros/cons of online vs studio normally one might think that we lose the element of personal touch or being with a group of like minded people when doing an online yoga class. However, I must say that because of the high level of quality instruction from the yoga instructors here it truly is a gift that this website was created for the love of Yoga. I’ve recommended this site to many friends. Some think they don’t know if they would do yoga at home, but I tell them it’s worth a shot!
I’m so impressed with the classes I’ve taken. In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of having top notch yoga instruction from a yoga studio that I attended 3x per week for 2 years. I can say I truly miss that environment. Yet, now going into the local yoga studios near my current home are not satisfying my craving for quality yoga classes.

DoYogaWithMe has 100% better instruction than from the newer ‘fitness’ type yoga studios I’ve encountered.
I’ve taken classes from Fiji, David, Tracey, Rachel and so many others, and yet have been disappointed. Every time I take a new class from DoYogaWithMe I hear so many of the wonderful cues that I was once taught. I personally feel are so key to have a fulfilling class.
There are plenty of good studios available, I just haven’t run into too many in my current area. Thank you for your wonderful site!


My wife and I tried studio yoga but didn’t really enjoy it. S
ince we found DYWM we practice daily, I feel like a yogi and I have no doubt we are learning far more and becoming far stronger than studio would give us unless we were there every day and probably paying a fortune in fees and personal time. as parents of an overactive 5 year old with autism and running a business time is tight. we absolutely love this site and because we do it in a converted studio at home our son is doing yoga with us and it really calms him down so I will argue the fact all day long that not only is home yoga better but DYWM is without a shadow of a doubt the best website for yoga out there and as it is so cost effective I have been promoting it to everyone. so a massive thank you to the team and please never take this site down as it is awesome xx


Well you have to bear in mind that a teacher has to tailor the class for several different levels of ability. If you are selecting a video just for you then you are able to step it up if things are a bit tame after a few minutes. Next a class has to run for about 90 minutes to 2 hours for people to feel as if they have had their money’s worth. Two hours of not so tame yoga can be rather taxing for the typical middle aged, overweight students that sit at a desk all day.

I tend to do quite easy stuff in classes and keep the more challenging asanas for when I am by myself. It is safer and I always invite students to explore yoga in their own time and bring anything to me that they would like to try and I will be happy to demonstrate. I have limited teaching the various kriyas and have never taught vasti or nauli - candle gazing is more than enough for the average person to take on board!