Let's Talk About Yoga

How do the yoga teachers practice? (5)
Sangha Session 8: "What bothers you about yoga?" (16)
What motivates you (3)
Sangha Session 7: “Would you do yoga at your desk?” (9)
What is your favourite pose and why? (19)
Yoga for incontinence (3)
Frustrated with balance (10)
Snapping hip/yoga butt/hyper-flexibility help (3)
Yoga to help you grieve? (3)
Elbow Bursitis slowing me down (5)
Sangha Session 2: "In what ways has DYWM helped you in your life?" (9)
Knees and torn ACL (8)
Setting intentions for your practice (9)
Yoga mat recommendations (9)
Sangha Session 3: “Where did you first hear about DYWM?” (16)
Yoga in weird and wonderful venues (1)
Yoga as only form of exercise (4)
Modified Arm Movements (6)
Yoga for toddlers? (8)
Can you straighten your knees? (5)
Parkinson for young people (1)
Yoga for Costochondritis (5)
Sangha Session 6: "Does it feel ok to have separate classes called Plus Size Yoga?" (20)
International Yoga Day 2018 (2)
Sliding hands in downward dog (10)
Yoga books- any suggestions? (5)
Sangha Session 4: "Do you most often prefer to do a class that you have 1) already done or 2) never done? Why?" (14)
Yoga and athletes (3)
Post natal classes fo build core strength (4)
Pregnancy and yoga (1)