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Hi. I read in an earlier forum post that an app was being prepared I could use on my iPhone. While I now really enjoy using the web app by bookmarking pages in safari and adding to my iPhone, I hope a few features are included in the iOS and android apps like calendaring challenges and maintaining a record of when a class is done, adding Apple health support that lets the health app track the sessions., and offline support. The existing method to download a class to my iPhone seems to not work a lot of the time. I don’t have a desktop or laptop. I hope this can be more easily implemented as offline support.

What is the status of the mobile apps? An earlier post mentioned May or June. I live in Vietnam so it would be much easier having an iOS app I can use as I want. Using a web browser is not bad but I need to have either Wifi or cellular data all the time.


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Hi @mpmilestogo.

You’re right, we are busy working on an app! It will have a lot of features that our site does not, including more seamless ways to track favorites and your progress. We’re not yet sure about a calendar or the ability to download for offline streaming.

We’re looking at June for the launch.




Keep me updated on this

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Thanks, I’ll do that!