Bookmark Sorting

Hi! I have saved a lot of practices in “Bookmarks” over the years, as I have encountered many wonderful practices and flows that I want to return to. Now that the list is getting longer, I am finding it difficult to find the ones I am in the mood for. A way to sort (other than by “Title” or “Type”) would be helpful. For example, if I feel like doing a saved Fiji practice from my Bookmarks, but I forgot the exact title, it would be great if I could sort by “Teacher” so I can find that practice more easily. Same with “Duration” and “Difficulty” (if I just feel like doing a 30 minute intermediate practice from my saved list, for example). Thanks in advance for your time and attention.


Hello and thank you so much for your feedback. We willbe updating the site within the next couple months with new features that will make your experience a lot easier and smoother. Feel free to reach out once that happens in case you have any other suggestions.

That’s a great idea. My bookmark list is getting pretty long too.

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