Can I access DYWM on app without Wi-Fi?

I will be traveling this summer with little to no Wi-Fi access. If I become a sustaining member will I be able to download classes or do I still have to pay for them?

I am not sure but will find out and get back to you!

To download a hardcopy file of a class, it is an ala carte fee. The silver lining is, you own that file forever… no need to subscribe to access.

I’m a monthly subscriber but while I can access all classes on the app, when I use the web version my subscription isn’t recognized although I am logged in to my account. I can’t figure out a way to purchase individual downloads on the app (necessary when internet service is poor)

hmm this sounds like a tech glitch. If you email contact us at doyogawith me, it will go to our tech crew and they can fix this for you.

Please help me purchase a video to download as I have poor internet service where I now live. I am a monthly subscriber through Applepay but cannot find how/where to purchase downloads on the app. My correspondence from DYWM is received via the above email ( but the app purchases are acknowledged via my gmail account (