Classes stopping 4 times during class

I’ve been doing the Return to Routine challenge and 3 classes in a row have been stopping every 7-10 minutes and returning to the start. It’s very annoying, any suggestions? (Luckily the classes are good so it’s almost worth the frustrations).

Hey there, this started happening I got to me just a few days ago. check out the ‘having trouble with my iPad thread’ it seems like this is something to do with IOS - apparently help is on the way. Hang in there friend!

This is happening to me too. :pray:t2::dove::green_heart:

Thank you!! Will use my laptop until this gets better! Namaste :wink:

Yes, we are working on it! Thanks for sharing everyone. Just fyi, you will get a quicker response to tech-related issues if you reach out through our Contact Us page.