Hatha vs vinyasa

I have joint issues that feel much better when I don’t do vinyasa flows. I always search for classes under the hatha category but yet many of them are vinyasa flow classes. For example, today I tried part IV of Rachel Scott’s Peak Bow pose. I am a very very long term practitioner and I remember the days when hatha meant moving from one pose to another without sun salutations or chataranga. Could you please explain to me how you categorize the classes? Some Youtubers are also designating “no wrist” classes. Some variation of that would also be helpful. Sorry if I missed something like this on DYWM. Thanks very much.


Hi there.
Great question. Sometimes a teacher’s interpretation of style can be different than others.
Generally, a fast-paced flow through variations on sun salutations - and a similarity to ashtanga yoga - makes it a vinyasa class. However, as you pointed out with one of Rachel’s classes, many teachers do a version of the above and call it hatha. You would likely need to ask the specific teacher why they chose that, but I’m guessing that they feel there is enough poses that are held for long enough to make it a hatha yoga class.
I hope that helps!
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