Having trouble with ipad

I tried 3 different classes and all stopped after 10-20 minutes in. I joined as a sustaining member thinking a membership was needed to have a complete class- but same problem- anyone else with this issue

Yes! So glad to see your post. This started for me two days ago. The class plays for about 7-10ish minutes, then freezes and the page reloads. I then start the class again, and then scroll to around where it stopped, and it will then play for another 7-10 minutes before stopping and reloading. I have been doing classes on my iPad for almost two years, and this is the first time I have had this issue. I will go ahead and send a message in directly to DYWM and hopefully they will get us some help!

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Hi - I’ve also been having the same issues with playing videos on my iPad. Has anyone received any feedback about this yet? Sounds like I should try sending a message to the tech people about this. I’ll report back if I get any info.

I too am having difficulty with the videos stopping multiple times throughout the class and going back to the beginning, this is frustrating and interferes with the flow of the class.

Hello again all,
The kind support person at DYWM has let me know the following:
"We’ve discovered that an apple update has caused this, and we’re in contact with our video streaming platform to investigate further. "

So…help is probably on the way. In the meantime, at least we actually can do the full classes if we don’t mind having to keep finding our place a few times. Or perhaps you have access to another device (like a laptop) you can use in the meantime.

I am glad someone is looking into this. I only use iPad or iPhone for my practices and had problems on both. So I’m kind of stuck until the issue is fixed. I used Vimeo session for one of my classes and had no problem. But not all my classes are on Vimeo especially the new ones, too bad.

Yes, just for the sake of collecting data, same has happening to me since 2 days ago. I’m using an iPhone, and using both Chrome and Safari. Video stops playing, screen goes white, I reload, and video starts again from the beginning.

Exactly the same challenges on my end. I am glad this is being addressed

So relieved it’s not just me and that it’s being looked at!

Would be great if someone at DYWM could provide an update on this and what they know about how long it will take to get resolved - I can’t survive without my regular dose of DYWM! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m having the same issue

Yes, I have also had repeated stops/crashes after 10-20 min periods. Thanks for addressing this!

I’ve given up on using doyogawithme site for my practices for now. It’s not the same practice when my flow keeps getting interrupted. I’m using the classes I can find on Vimeo and YouTube sites until this issue is fixed.

I had trouble running classes on both my Apple computer and iPad this week. Hoping it can be fixed soon. Technology!

Just to chime in - I’ve been having the same problem for the last couple days. Really hope it gets fixed. And for the record, I hadn’t done an Apple update for ages. Just did one thinking it would help! Not so certain it’s a software update problem.

And just gave myself: Crista’s excellent 60 minute class shut down 4 times. Can’t manage the restarts and finding my spot anymore.

SO glad this isn’t just me! So frustrating. Every video this year has inexplicably cut out/stopped about 11 minutes in. It has gotten despairing to keep restarting and trying to find where to be to complete the class. In a 30-minute class this happens at least three times. Terrible for focused practice.I have no other device to try. I hate to give up on dywm but cannot keep this up.

I thought it was just me and my old cracked screen iPad-any news on a remedy yet?

Same problem here. Been happening every day for the past week. Hugely frustrating. I’m using an iPad and never before experienced this problem. I’m also a longtime subscriber. Sounds like they’re on it?hopefully it will be remedied ASAP, so we can all get back to it!

Same here. Happened on Friday and again today, Sunday. On iPad.