More Advanced Classes please!

Please please please can we get additional advanced videos? With only one page worth, I’ve done every class a zillion times and would love some new challenges and something to break up the monotony. Thank you!!

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Absolutely! We just posted a new advanced class with Fiji, 10-Minute Energizer. Another one featuring Fiji is coming in the next couple of weeks.

Two years later and I find myself making a nearly identical request. Please, please, please can we get more advanced classes? I have been doing the same ones over and over for years now and yet there seem to be endless Beginner classes. I’d also like to request a Tracy Challenge!! The Fiji ones are very effective but I find her style of filling every second with speaking to be so distracting that I can’t do a challenge more than once or twice. I love love love Tracy classes and would be over the moon to get new Intermediate/Advanced ones.

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Right, requests noted! I apologize for not following through but will now put this out to our teachers (specifically Tracey!).

I just want to let you know that we will be launching a 30-day intermediate to advanced yoga challenge for the 2020 new year that will feature 15 new classes, many of them advanced, with Fiji, Jonni-Lyn, Tracey, Ron and a new instructor, Andrea. We will be promoting it very soon on the website and through social media and our newsletter.