No sound with video on my iPad

No sound when I play a class, any class. I have rebooted my device twice, with no impact. Volume up to full. No other app is affected. Subscribed. What’s up?

You might want to check the volume section at the bottom right corner of each class. When you open a class, you can hover over the video at the bottom, and to the right is a volume bar. It could be muted. Check that to see if that’s the problem.

All tech questions can be answered by our team if you send them to the contact us button on the site!

Thank you! I followed the suggestion, and it worked.


This made me laugh a little as I had the very same experience way back when I first got started with DYWM. It still happens occasionally, but at least I know what to do!


I’m glad it helped. When I first joined the site, I’d wonder why I couldn’t get any sound, and then I found the volume section for the class by accident. :grimacing: :laughing:

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