"Remember me" isn't effective

I keep having to log in to the site even though I have checked the “remember me” box. Any fixes for that?


Remember Me is not the same as Stay Signed In.

With “Remember Me” the user is authenticated automatically based on the information stored in the remember me cookie. Passwords are usually not included unless you have explicitly answered yes to the option of also storing your password, if you haven’t it only remembers your login id.

“Stay Signed In” means the user’s session token is preserved with a very long expiration.

Obviously I don’t know what the cookies have been set us in the site, I find there is a long-ish exipration time but eventually I get logged off and then have to re-login. As I have also saved my password when I log on it remembers it but as per usual this is browser-dependent so it only works if you are logged on your regular browser.

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Hello Elena,

Thank you for the explanation. I’m from the older generation so i don’t know these things. I’ll keep logging in.


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