Roku app login issues

So excited to see Do Yoga With Me on my Roku! Yea! I entered my login and password and it keeps taking me back to the free site and won’t let me login. Any tips?

I don’t have any tips, but I am having the same problem with my Roku Ultra.

@cindyfwebb and @ntrudd12 Thank you for letting us know. You should be able to log in with either your username/password or email address/password. If you’ve tried with your username, would you mind trying with your email address to see if that works or the opposite if that is the case? We are looking into it on our end too.

I tried with my email, but not my user name. I will try that tonight.


I couldn’t log in with my username. I got a message about it being an invalid email address. So I tried again with my email address and password. This time, instead of the app crashing, I got a message about making sure the email address and PW were correct. They were, so I still can’t log in.

I changed my PW on the web site in a browser and tried logging in again, and it still doesn’t work. Now the app crashes.

I think I got logged in. This time I first chose a teacher (Guy) then a class. At the screen showing options for subscriptions there was a choice for email and password (for those with an account). That seemed to work.

@ntrudd12 Thank you so much for your patience. I’m glad you finally got it to work.

@cindyfwebb and @ntrudd12 I think I have found what the issue is. There are a couple of places you can log into your account on the Roku and one of them isn’t working for some reason. They are looking into why it isn’t working. However, if you go to the “Subscribe” menu item at the top, there is an “Email & Password” button. That one seems to work fine.

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It still did not log me in either through subscription or settings

@cindyfwebb Can you send me your email address and username to sean at I’ll see if I can find out what is going on.

Hello, I also had problems with Roku and followed @sean 's directions and logged in under the Subscribe menu. Thank you!

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Great to hear, @TrishWells!