Streaming issues


Hi, love the site/videos but I’ve been having a recurring issue with streaming. I keep getting the following, sometimes as often as every 5 minutes:

I’m using Firefox as my browser. As a web developer this seems like it might be a scaling issue. Any suggestions on anything I can do on my end? I am a subscriber but paying for each video I want to stream is not desirable. Thanks!


While I don’t get that screen, the classes do freeze up and I have to stop, and sometimes go out of the program then back in, or just give up. I love these classes but they are very frustrating.


Interesting, I never get that screen and have rarely encountered any freezes. I am using the Chromium browser on Linux. What are you using?

Here is a helpful article on streaming and buffering you might want to look at. It gives several possible causes:




Hi, I’m getting this on Firefox for Mac also. Been on the site for years and have never had this problem before.

Got it to work in Safari



Hi @chris.sepic. We are looking into the error message that you received. That should not be happening. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

@rangergirl02 Are you just experiencing buffering issues (the video freezes occasionally) or is it something else?


I am unsure if it is buffering issues, though it could be. I can watch Netflix etc no problem but with DYWM videos, somewhere in, it always just freezes.Does not matter if I have it on full screen or not, sometimes 10 minutes in, sometimes 25 minutes in.
Thanks for asking, If I can do anything, change any settings, please let me know.




I get the same error when I use Firefox. It works when I switch to chrome though.


Thanks @doyogawithme! In the meantime I’ll try switching browsers


There are two things that will likely fix it. The first is to change your browser. If you have already tried that, try changing the player. To do that, click on the gear wheel to the bottom right of the video (see screenshot below) and click ‘Switch Player’.



No problem, Chris. One question… Are you able to reproduce the issue consistently, on a number of your videos, or was it a one-off?


Yes it’s been happening every time. Haven’t had a chance to try another browser yet but I’ll report back.


@doyogawithme Using the alternate player is working fine. It would be great if the player option was saved so I don’t need to reselect it each time. Thanks for help troubleshooting this.


That’s good to hear, Chris. Yes, it’s a feature we added recently so we don’t have a way for it to remain as the backup player the next time you return. Enjoy the classes!