Tracking the classes I have taken

I would love it if I could see what classes I have taken, both to keep track of my progress and also to repeat those I have liked best. Is there somewhere on the site that keeps track of my classes taken?


I’ve not seen a way to do that; however, I bookmark the ones I take and that I enjoy doing so that I can come back to them and know which ones I have done.


Yes, that’s right. Currently you can bookmark classes using the Bookmark button under the class, then find the class in your profile. Let me know if you need help with that.

We are currently working on a total site upgrade that will include an easier way to track the classes you have done. Stay tuned!

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Thank you, that’s very helpful. The bookmarks are useful but I’m glad you are upgrading the site to make it easier to keep track of classes and retake favorites. Here’s an idea — add a simple “Take it again!” button underneath each class that would be added under each class after you complete it the first time. Or even just a checkmark to indicate a “favorite.”

Love this site, especially Rachel Scott’s imaginative and good humored instruction!

Yes, I am very excited about being able to track and remember the classes I love ( also the classes I didn’t like so much), this would be a huge help!