Yoga for scoliosis


I am fairly new to practicing yoga consistently; however, I have taken classes on and off for a few years. I have significant scoliosis (right thoracic curve ~ 50 degrees). Many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists have suggested yoga to help with pain relief and mobility, but I have had trouble finding classes that focus specifically on scoliosis. Standard classes can help with flexibility, but I don’t feel like they really dig into the underlying condition. Does anyone know of any resources or classes that focus on scoliosis?

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Hi there. Sorry for the delay in responding. We don’t have any classes that specifically address scoliosis. The issue is that it depends so much on what is happening in your spine. It’s difficult to create a class for everyone who has scoliosis because it’s different for everyone.

Ideally, I would suggest having a physio help you understand which movements are most beneficial for you, then do those more often within a yoga class. You can pause the video to spend more time on those when doing a class. Does that make sense?

I hope that helps.


Thank you David. Yes that does make sense. I’ll look into that.

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