A Suggestion for DYWM

Hi! Love DYWM and all that’s here. It would be so great if there was a way while I was logged in to “favorite” my yoga classes that I love and use regularly so I don’t have to remember them and or look for something different when I’m short on time. Just a suggestion. Thank you so much for this amazing resource! John


You can bookmark your favorite classes, in case you didn’t know about it. It’s easy to do, and then you can find the classes you like under your bookmarks in the Manage Account section.

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That’s right, there’s a bookmark button just to the right of the stars, under the video. Once you bookmark a class, you can find it in your profile under ‘Bookmarks’.

This process will be even easier with our site upgrade, which is set to happen soon!

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Thank you David, so appreciate the response and I’ll look for that.

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