Favourite classes

Is it possible to save favouriteclasses or ones I want to go back to?

Yes, you’ll see a ‘Bookmark this video’ button below every video on our site (see image attached, the button is at the bottom). If you click on that, then click on My Profile at the top right and choose the tab ‘Bookmarks’, all of the classes you have bookmarked will be listed there.

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It would be great to be able to make notes about each video to better remember each one.

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Yes, that’s a great suggestion, one that we’ve had before. When I do classes on the site I wish it was there too, in fact! I’ve talked about it with our tech person and I’ll renew that conversation to see if it’s possible.

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I would like to add a column to the bookmarks page for my rating.

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Ok, thank you for that suggestion.

I’d like to second this suggestion. I’ve been on this site for so long now, I’m starting to lose track of what I liked or disliked about individual videos. I even started to make an Excel spreadsheet with my feedback and rankings. I would love some way to privately (not ratings) keep track of which videos I’ve done and a way to make comments for my own future reference.