Becoming eco friendly in my kids yoga classes

I teach after-school yoga. I serve approximately 250 kids ( K thru 5th grade) that change out to different kids each semester. EG. we have fall and spring sessions. I can’t see any way that I can afford the eco friendly yoga mats. Kids are really hard on yoga mats and sometimes I can use the mats over again, but many times I cannot. What do you suggest? many have said use beach towels. would that be your choice.

Bravo to you for brining yoga to so many kids, that is amazing!

Hmmm this is a great question. Have you tried cork mats yet? It do find that they are pretty durable, and the cork makes them anti microbial which helps with germs. Beach towels would move around a lot which might be challenging. I would love to hear other thoughts on this too!