Do you have a video demonstrating Warrior II?

Hi there. I’m looking for a video to show and talk me through the correct positioning of Warrior II. I found videos for Warrior I and III but no luck for II. Can you help? Thanks!

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You’re right. We don’t have a video that only focuses on warrior II pose. Maybe I can help you figure out how the pose should feel. Do you have any questions?

Yes, thanks.
How should my hips align? Should I aim to get them as straight or “flat” as

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Well, as in most poses, the answer isn’t simple. You have to address the whole body. I’ll keep it as simple as I can, though. You want to first make sure that you anchor your back foot properly, so that you have equal weight on the four corners of the foot. This requires that you put a lot of energy into pressing the outer edge of the foot into the ground. From that point you want to engage the outer line of the leg, so the ankle and knee have a slight ‘lifted’ feel, lengthening from the hip into the outer edge of the foot.

You want to feel both thighs slightly rotating away from one another, while ensuring that the front knee is directly over the ankle. Now, the pelvis. Because the legs are extended outward and the thighs have the action of outward rotation, this will naturally cause the pelvis to tilt forward, which you don’t want. So the action in the pelvis is to counteract that, to tilt the pelvis back, or tuck the tailbone under. The pelvis will also want to turn toward the back leg, which is fine, and the tucking of the tailbone will help straighten this out a bit, adding to the stretch that you will feel in your pelvis and legs.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks, David, for the thoughtful response. I will give it a go! And
practice, practice, practice :slight_smile:

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