Tght hamstrings?

I’m not sure if this is due to tight hamstrings but when I do any folding pose with straight legs (standing or seated) my feet start to go numb almost immediately and I have to come out of the pose. It doens’t feel like I’m restricted in my hamstrings but I’m not sure what else it could be.

Does this sound like tight hamstrings or sonething else and what can I do about it?

Hi there
My problem is exactly opposite :wink:I cannot stand in forward bend or sitting in staff pose with knees lightly bend. My tip: Try Rachel’s class intermediate 1 Empower your Boundaries. This class has helped me so much to tune into my body.
Good luck! Best Brigitte

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Great suggestion and resource

This can be due to a pinching of the nerves in your legs and is common in some people. Play with knee bending and foot position.

Thanks for the response. Realized that I have caused this myself when I didn’t yoga pay the attention it deserve all those years ago! Thanks to DYWM for the tutorials to get rid of the kinks :slight_smile:

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