European yoga apparel?

hello -
i’d like to buy some new yoga apparel and my internet searching has been unfruitful.
i would much appreciate some recommendations for brands in europe or brands that at least based on this side of the atlantic…
i’m a student so i’m looking for some more affordable options (+100€ for yoga pants is a no-go at the moment) and i avoid supporting businesses like amazon and other e-commerce platforms.

any body out there not living in the united states, canada, australia or new zealand that can help a homegirl out? x

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Hi there!

In my search for ethically and sustainably made clothes in general I usually check out the Good On You website. It rates clothing brands worldwide.

I’ve pulled up “activewear” on their site and there are several options from Germany, Sweden, France and the Netherlands to start. Wade through and see what resonates with you! (I’m not affiliated, just really love this site.)

Let us know what you find!!

Julia C.

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hello julia -

i wasn’t familiar with ‘good on you’ and am pleased to report i discovered a few retailers that are exactly what i have been looking for ! thanks for replying and for your suggestion to check out the site x

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I wish I could help! I am unfamiliar with the brands in europe, we do have lots of european followers here so hopefully someone may have a good lead for you!


You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped!