Already watched - function

i love how regularly you upload new videos and i am pretty sure ill never reach the point where i have watched them all. however i am trying to do new classes that i havent done wherever i can and even in the older ones i sometimes still find new gems. so i was wondering if there could be a sorting function which made it possible for me to sort by “watched before” or “not done yet”
or a similar function as the one in programs, where i click on a class i have done so i can remember my progress, whichever makes more sense to you or is easier to program i guess :slight_smile:
thanks for everything you do! i am endlessly grateful for you, your classes and your site!

This is a great idea to add! One thing you can do is save classes you have done when you are in your practice studio, it has a history feature that will show you classes that you have done. You would have to compare the new class to that list which is an extra step. I like the idea of an indicator on the class if you have watched it before. I will bring it up to the team.

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