I just started yoga


Its been 6 days on the first time I started yoga and I have been doing it for
half an hour everyday, I’m working on my root chakra and my question is. How
long will it take for my root chakra to be balanced? And should I do all the
chakras in one session or should I focus on one chakra, And is it ok to work
on another chakra when my root chakra isn’t balanced yet? Will it still heal

and, when i did yoga for the fourth time i felt weird i felt like if i was tierd but not really tired or sleepy it felt like if i was under a spell is that ok? and i had a panic attack, i have anexity i used to get panic attacks but not anymore until this day, i had nightmares too i havent done yoga in two days and didnt have any nightmares, what is going on? is it a sign that my root chakra is balancing or something?

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Yoga is a lifelong practice - not something you do until… you fill in the gap. You don’t go looking for results, you let yourself be transformed but very gradually.

So do some comfortable asana work making sure to incorporate a forward bend, a back bend, a twist and perhaps a balance. No need for an inversion at this early stage. Those will use up some energy and so now you will need some breath work and relaxation.

It is the breath work and relaxation that will help most with your mental states. Do not set goals, just let your development happen. Be like a flower that grows from seed. Just as the flower is locked within the seed so your potential is locked up inside of you. Just as the seed needs planting in the right soil and needs the correct amount of water and light to germinate so you need the right foundations.

Devote some time to it, immerse yourself in some of the writings of Patanjali and wait until you blossom.


Welcome to the community, @iwill_2015!

@susana.bradley made some very good points. Thanks for sharing.

To build on what she said, think of yoga as a practice that teaches you how to connect with your body, mind and spirit. It can be very powerful and often the experiences won’t necessarily make sense. It can make you feel tired, energetic, relaxed and tense… the whole gamut of human experience. This is because it helps you go through the layers within your body, and each layer feels different. It also sparks the energetic system and the chakras, particularly if you practice deeper breathing and meditation.

The best advice I can give, without meeting you in person, is to sit with what is there and do your best to accept it and let it move through you. Everthing, whether it’s inside or outside of you, is always changing. Get used to honouring everything but letting it pass. Love yourself to your best ability.

I know I haven’t really answered your questions about anxiety and the chakras, but does that make sense? Let me know if you have any other questions.

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