Wild thing fears

I’ve been practising for about a decade and am just about to start my teacher training. But in the last month and for no reason I’ve developed an immense dislike of wild thing pose… any thoughts on why? I bargain with myself to go into the pose and usually remain in down dog, but I used to love this pose!!

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I think it may be the simple fact that you are, in a sense, going upside down. That can bring about a fear response in the body. Could that be it?

in Wild Thing the whole chest and the heart are incredibly open and vulnerable. It’s one of the most wide open asanas I know.
You say “for no reason” - maybe you need to look after yourself emotionally at the moment and wild thing would be too unprotected for you - thats’s a valid reason.
It’s not always the physical that makes us dislike yoga poses. Have a think about what is going on in your life and respect what you feel.
Wild thing will have it’s time again…if its right for you…

I wish you a fantastic yoga new year -

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Hi! Thanks both for responding. I don’t think I’ve a fear of going upside
down , I spend a lot of time in head stands :slight_smile: emotions may be the cause
but I’m wondering if I’ve unbalanced myself. I’ve spent a lot of time
opening my 2nd chakra this winter and instead of grounding me it seems to
have opened a deep chasm of emotion. I know it’s normal and I’ll come
through it but it has made me feel quite down and unhappy with my self. I’m
assuming it’s because I come from generations of women who are champions at
bottling up and a lot happened in the last three years which I’m only
getting a chance to reflect on now

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Nicely said, Valerie.

It’s great when we are able to look deeper into feelings like this. Honesty and vulnerability can be powerful tools for change, change that helps you feel more open and authentic with yourself and your loved ones.

Thanks for sharing, both of you!