New Site Layout?!?

I’m just wondering why the layout of the “yoga classes” changed so now it only shows the new videos and the only way to view all classes is to have them in alphabetical order? I loved the way the vides were laid out before (like they still are under the “yoga poses” tab) as I usually would just work my way through the list and this provided a nice variety in for my daily practice. Is there annnny way we can convince you to put it back to the way it was before? It’s like my routine for the last five years just got a ruined. I really love the site and am so extremely bummed that the layout has changed. Thanks!

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Looks like it’s been fixed!! Thanks so much. I love this site!

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Yes, you’re right. It’s been fixed! Thanks for letting us know.


It looks like this issue is happening again. Thanks!

It’s fixed already! Thanks!