Please, what is with all the photos?

I’ve posted this before. We don’t need to see a big photo of each class. We have to scroll and scroll to get to the one we want. One easy thing to do would be to offer a toggle switch to see photos or not see photos. Could you do that please?

I saw this suggestion earlier in another thread and I understand that a lot of folks aren’t crazy about the photos. I do like them though. I know it sounds silly, but they kind of motivate me prior to class. So, hopefully you won’t do away with them altogether…the comment above suggesting an on/off toggle is a good one.

Yes, I’m sure they’re there for a reason and you mentioned one, to motivate you. To me, they don’t add anything and, as well, I’m trying to skim through my, formerly called bookmarks, now, my practice studio, and find one that suits me that day.
Thank you DYWM for being open to our suggestions and if you can make them happen, terrific. If not, I still love the site and I thank you for keeping me limber, strong and active.

Did I say if you can’t do a toggle switch, the photos are okay.