Stepping forward from downward dog

I have been practicing yoga on and off for many years and have been doing DYWM classes daily for the last year. I have never been able to step from downward dog to the front of the mat. Even with the leg up in the air first I can only manage half way. I have tried leaning on high blocks and get about 3/4 of the way.

I’m convinced my arms are too short. Do you have any advice?


Yes, this is quite common. It may have to do with many factors, including back and leg flexibility, core and hip flexor strength, arm and leg length and technique.

The technique is to round the back up, hike the knee into the belly with core strength, then place for foot down. But, as I said, there are factors that may make this difficult.

However, because this is so common, we’re going to film one or two classes that help people this. Hopefully we’ll get this out in January.

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Thank you David, I look forward to the future classes. I’m glad that I’m not the only one then.

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Definitely not the only one, Michelle! I struggle with this too (and I do have quite long arms). Looking forward to giving that class a try!

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I really need help with this too. I’ve tried so hard but it slows down every practice. Looking forward to the new video.

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Please can you mention which classes I can do to help with stepping through, or provide links? Thanks, Crystal


Yes, sorry for the delay! This is Rachel’s tutorial on jumping forward from downward facing dog:

Jumping Forward: A Tutorial

And this is Crista’s:

Jump Back, Jump Through

I hope those help!


I’ve accepted that I will never be able to do this lol. I have also tried the hop to the top of the mat, but I usually only get halfway. :-/