Hey, just wondering if anyone else ever experiences tingling/numbness (like your limbs falling asleep) when holding certain poses? This happens when I hold a lunge position.

PS…Love this site! :slight_smile:

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When you’re in the lunge, which body parts get tingly or numb?

It’s always my feet. Happens when I am in forward fold as well. I’m guessing it;s just bad blood circulation.

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Hmmm… that’s not a lot to go on. It could be poor circulation. Often it gets better when you stretch the areas medial to the tingly area.

Do you ever feel this tingle, numbness when you first get up from sitting? If “Yes.” it could be sciatica from the lumbar spine or piriformis deep in your gluts. Do you have diabetes or hypoglycemia? Then it could be neuropathy. Do you have spider or varicose veins, or cold feet? Then it is most likely poor circulation. Get your blood pumping with sun salutations. Listen to your body when it talks to you; don’t feel you have to push through it when this or anything else annoys your body.