Transferring a class from one collection to another

I am wondering if I am missing something with the new setup. All of my previous bookmarked classes (with notes) live under the collection “Saved For Later”. I have created a few new collections but can’t find a way to copy or move a class from Saved For Later to one of the new collections. Instead, I have to launch the class, then click Save and select a collection. This is so inefficient, but I’ve done it for a few key classes. However, I have found that this new entry does not have the notes/comments that were transferred from Bookmarks. Now that I realize this is happening I can copy my old notes into the new collection entry, but again, this is really inefficient and I have a ton of saved classes and notes. Unfortunately I am just realizing I have lost a lot of notes because after saving to the new collection, I remove the class from Saved For Later. Please, is there way a better way to deal with this?

I realize I can just keep everything as is under Saved For Later, but the formatting is such that it is not easy to find what I am looking for. Although Bookmarks could have benefitted from some improvements (which the new setup seems to be trying to address), it was actually a little easier to navigate.

Thanks for the feedback!