Yoga mat recommendations


Hey, I am just about to upgrade my icky walmart yoga mat am looking for suggestions on a good quality brand. I would prefer Canadian made/sold if possible but not totally necessary. I have done a bit of research but would like to get some opinions. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Good idea, replacing the icky walmart yoga mat! :slight_smile:

Have you seen our yoga mat reviews in our blog? If not, here they are. The mats’ materials, performance and manufacturing location are all important to us, so they are included with each mat. The top two here are only mats and the last one includes a few more mats.

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Good luck!



Yes, thanks, I did find the blog post with the reviews after I had posted my question (and then couldn’t figure out how to delete my question). It was very helpful and I am now the proud owner of the Manduka Pro! :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I think you’ll be happy with the Manduka Pro.


Actually so far not so thrilled with my purchase. I should have read a few more reviews before buying this mat. Even though there are many positive reviews, I did not realize it would require so much “breaking in”. I have scrubbed my mat down with seasalt a few times and so far nothing has changed. I know it says that the best way to break in the mat is to use it, and I do, daily. However, I find it extremely frustrating to be slipping and sliding all over the place while I’m breaking it in. Perhaps your review David, could include a little blurb about the fact that it has a breaking in period. :frowning: