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Hi DYWM community. You are such a great source of wisdom when it comes to yoga and life so I would like to ask for your advice please. My fiance and I are heading off to the UK for 6 weeks in early April and I am wondering how I am going to start/maintain my yoga practice while on our trip. I am returning from injury (not yoga-related) so am only just coming back to a more consistent beginner’s practice but I am really enjoying it and don’t want to stop my practice while we’re away. In fact I have a feeling it will be really important to do some practice throughout our trip; I feel really pulled to yoga at the moment.

So, how would you maintain your practice in different locations, minimally sized hotel rooms, and daily routines that aren’t exactly predictable?

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I’ve used the following products when travelling;
Yoga paws -
Travel mat (thin and foldable) anyone should be ok -

I’m currently travelling in japan with just the yoga paws. I’ve done a few DYWM sessions with some towels but it’s not the same as having a full mat. I’ve really had to push myself to do classes every few days.

I guess what I’m trying to say is make room for it in the day and know that it may be a bit more uncomfortable or different than youre usual practice. Let your partner know that you want to continue the practice and wake up a bit earlier if you need to (or not, you’re on holidays!).

Be kind to yourself as well if you do miss sessions, travelling and doing a regular yoga practice is difficult imo.

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Thank you for your kind and considered response, I do appreciate it very much. I had similar thoughts to you about getting up early and making room for practice…but I do also want to ensure I have a relaxing holiday with plenty of opportunity for sleep ins! It will be, as in all things, a bit of give and take.

Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great recommendations, @pgaitskell. I think, @mjscott88, it’s important also not to beat yourself up if you miss your practice one day. Part of your life practice is to love and honor yourself, to listen and nurture what is asking for attention. If being with friends feels really good to you, then do that! Compliment that with some discipline to do your yoga practice, depending on how much your body and mind need.

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Thanks David, also really important advice to keep in mind. This particularly seems to be my lesson for the moment; letting go of guilt when not meeting my own high expectations and acting with more loving kindness.

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I am a beginner too and find the practice invaluable. I travel to Taiwan and China from the UK for work and have found that identifying DYWM that can be done either in just standing or just sitting positions is very helpful when in airports. For example, even in a long queue (try getting into Beijing :slight_smile: ) I might practice how to stand in a really good mountain pose; when sitting for a long time I might practice hand and yoga movements; when waiting to board I might do a short flow routine even if it is just a few downward dogs or warrior poses; I’ve also practiced trying to stand still on one leg with/without twists (I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the pose). I’ve found that most other passengers ignore you, so besides feeling a little embarrassed in public places, its very do-able.

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