A complete section for Seniors

I am not the only senior with wrist strength problems or knee problems. I would love to see a section that does whole sequences where there are suggestions for alternative poses for those of us with painful wrists, knees, backs. When I can’t do downward dog anymore, it eliminates so much! Not all seniors want to do yoga in chairs – I would encourage you to develop a section just for us, with work arounds.


Great suggestion! I will pass this along to the development team!

And it wouldn’t need to be all new content, just collect what you already have that would work. Then please maybe a few sequences easy on the wrists, and knees, and such. Especially wrists - downward dog is impossible.



Hi Barbara,
I’ve been a member of this site for a long time, almost 10 years now. I have developed wrist issues with age. I have two ways of modifying downward dog. The first way is to put my hands on foam blocks. Because your hands are raised a few inches, it reduces the weight on them. The second way is to put my hands on either the seat of a chair, or even a desk. The higher your hands are, the less weight on them.

Totally agree with this suggestion. I do not consider myself a senior but my actual age says I am!. I can’t do what I use to do but I certainly am not ready for “seniors yoga in a chair”. Due to other health issues (heart) I am not suppose to do downward dog - but that is standard is so many routines - please give alternatives.