A complete section for Seniors

I am not the only senior with wrist strength problems or knee problems. I would love to see a section that does whole sequences where there are suggestions for alternative poses for those of us with painful wrists, knees, backs. When I can’t do downward dog anymore, it eliminates so much! Not all seniors want to do yoga in chairs – I would encourage you to develop a section just for us, with work arounds.


Great suggestion! I will pass this along to the development team!

And it wouldn’t need to be all new content, just collect what you already have that would work. Then please maybe a few sequences easy on the wrists, and knees, and such. Especially wrists - downward dog is impossible.



Hi Barbara,
I’ve been a member of this site for a long time, almost 10 years now. I have developed wrist issues with age. I have two ways of modifying downward dog. The first way is to put my hands on foam blocks. Because your hands are raised a few inches, it reduces the weight on them. The second way is to put my hands on either the seat of a chair, or even a desk. The higher your hands are, the less weight on them.


Totally agree with this suggestion. I do not consider myself a senior but my actual age says I am!. I can’t do what I use to do but I certainly am not ready for “seniors yoga in a chair”. Due to other health issues (heart) I am not suppose to do downward dog - but that is standard is so many routines - please give alternatives.

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I’m not a fan of downward dog, hurts my wrists too and now aggravates stomach reflux. Melissa suggests in some of her classes to do childs pose and that suits me just fine. Chair pose also works.

I am 77 years old and have been teaching Yoga for 15 years. I no longer teach, but I do Yoga every day. I have severe arthritis that is especially painful in my hands and wrists. I found that I can do most Yoga poses that require a lot of weight on the hands and wrists by using my fists instead of flat palms. I hope this might be helpful for others with the same issue.

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