Advice on foot issue - edit! doing better. Mis-typed not!

I love this site and have been using it for years, but seemed to have gotten myself into a bit of a learning experience here the past 3 months. When COVID created my working at home every day, I started doing a daily power yoga practice, moving from intermediate into advanced through the course of 3 months. Along the way it seemed I injured my plantar nerve - not plantar faciatis, but something related to baxter’s nerve. It turns out my left ankle, from lots of hiking and sprains, started impinging the nerve.

I think the standing poses as I did more and more one legged ones, eventually created too much pressure on the joint and nerve. I am doing much better, wearing support, but really miss my practice and will slowly start up. I’ve been doing other activities, like hiking with no issues now for about a month. I will be really careful, but wondering if you have any suggestions on how to
get back into a daily practice gently. I was thinking one of the beginner challenges? Thanks!

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Hi Maria.

I’m sorry to hear about the injury! That can be frustrating, but sometimes is a blessing in disguise if you’re needing to slow down a bit.

I would highly recommend Rachel’s or Melissa’s 7-day challenges. Melissa’s is more on the gentle side while Rachel’s leads to intermediate poses with more focus on alignment. If you’re into core work, you could also try one of our Pilates challenges. They are also fantastic.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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