Looking for suggestions!



First off I want to say thank you for this amazing site. It has served me well in my home practice for many years. I am recovering from a wrist injury and am looking for some suggestions as to finding some practices to do that would be more hands free but still an invigorating workout and stretch. I have primarily focused on vinyasa in my practice so I am not too sure where
to start as most full flexion with weight on my hands is not comfortable. I don’t want my practice to dwindle just because I want to keep
weight off my wrist.

Are you able to point me to any specific videos,
teachers and styles of practice that I could search for to help me continue to cultivate my practice while I’m healing?




Hi again! Just wondering if anyone could let me know if they have any suggestions? Thanks!


Sorry for the late reply! Have you tried Fiji’s Power Yoga for Wrist Injuries?


I haven’t tried it but I will! Thanks for the suggestion


Just realized the video suggested requires membership. I’m not a member right now. Is there anything free to stream you might recommend? Thanks!


Hi, and sorry for the late reply. This makes me realize that we don’t have any other yoga classes for wrist injuries. This one will go on the to-do list, absolutely!