Yoga with an injured foot!

Hello yoga community! I recently found out my sesamoid bone is broken (tiny bone in my foot) and I am in a boot for 6 more weeks. I was advised to explore vinyasa yoga that will help to down-regulate my central nervous system. I’m not completely sure what this means or how I could do this in a boot. Does anyone have experience with this? Thank you!

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Sorry to hear that your foot is broken. That must put a damper on things - at least active things.

I don’t think vinyasa is a good style to explore - it’s much too active and you require healthy feet for much of what you do. You could look into doing either restorative or yin yoga classes, though. They are much more still and easier to adapt to with a boot. You can find classes in these styles by choosing them under Style and clicking ‘Apply’.



Hey Jenna, I’m in the same boat! I badly sprained my ankle 8 weeks ago and it’s still painful, taking quite a long time to heal up.

I’ve found doing gentle classes and going back to basics has been really great for now. I am re-doing the ‘Yoga for Absolute Beginners’ series because it’s less intense asana and more about breathing, alignment, really focusing on building a good foundation. I figure it’s a good opportunity to sure up my base, so to speak :grin: There are a few more classes now for chair/seated yoga (office yoga?) - have you tried any of those?

Hope your foot heals quickly!

Thank you David! I appreciate it!

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Hi there! That is great advice, thank you! I have tried one for siatic issues on my back and I did the wrist care one sitting down. I haven’t done the chair yoga! I will look into that! As well as delving back into the beginner series. Thank you mjscott! I hope your ankle heals well and quick. I have found meditating light in my area of injury to be helpful as well. :slight_smile:


Great advice, I had not even thought of doing that - thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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