Any Live Classes?

I was wondering if you thought about doing any live classes/streams? I would be very interested.

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Welcome to the community, @bethsanzenbacher!

Yes, we have thought about this. It’s interesting considering a live class - since we have a global community it is difficult to choose a day and time that works for everyone.

We’ll still keep it on our list of possibilities!

Of course that makes complete sense!

I wonder if it could be like a day of code event? Where there are special live classes that people could join in on, or do on that day in their own time, and then people could post photos of themselves practicing. I think this gets at the post from Japan about online workshops/retreats. It may be a great way to grow the community and give the feeling that we are all practicing together.

I’m sure you’ve thought about all of this and I’m just rehashing old ideas. Thank you for all that you do!