From Intermediate to Advanced

I am SO grateful this morning! I have been visiting the site on and off for years, and finally bucked up and became a member. For weeks I’ve felt stagnant, too comfortable/lazy with the shorter Intermediate classes and challenges available on the site for free, but wanting to push forward into Advanced work. I just did Tracey’s Suhka class and it met me exactly where I am - just a few asanas that I couldn’t quite get to and plenty where I can learn to breath better, stay longer, and transition more smoothly. I’m excited to continue the Intermediate to Advanced program!

What other courses/challenges/programs do you recommend for someone right on the verge of the advanced poses? I appreciate the peak pose challenges - is there something for increasing flexibility at this level? I would LOVE a challenge or program that would build up to fire log pose. Suggestions?


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That’s fantastic! I’m really happy for you.

Have you tried our Poise and Perseverance 30-Day Yoga Challenge? It’s a pretty awesome one!