Longer Fiji Classes Again Please!

Fiji! I get so much from your classes (in both a physical and spiritual way) and very much miss the longer ones that you used to share more regularly (thinking 50-60 minutes). Please take this as a great compliment rather than any type of complaint! I realize you have a lot of other competing demands, but just wanted to share that if the mood strikes, I would certainly be a willing a ready participant :slight_smile: Namaste and thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Ask and you Shall receive!! I am booked in for full summer of Filming, in 2024 and 2025 you will see a lot of classes from me released! I have 2 longer classes planed for my first session this month. Thank you for sharing this here, and I am so happy my offerings speak to you on both levels.


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Amazing news!!! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward it!