Appreciation for live class on Bandhas, June 24

Going back to the bandhas again after the live class on June 24, while I’m so appreciative to understand these important foundations of doing yoga, (finally for me -so glad I’m taking the time for this) today when applying this new knowledge, it did in fact seem like I was just tensing all my muscles to get the bandhas activated.
It is hard to find a way to have lightness when trying to focus on these bandhas. Am I trying too hard? and does anyone else have insight into this paradox ?

I went to the “Establishing Your Core Stability and Strength” program to gain more understanding and I think this is a good place to go from the Live Bandhas class from Monday. But this is when I found the tension in trying to use bandhas.

Last thought: Will the Live class be available on the website? I absolutely love “Do Yoga With Me” !!! It is one of the best things that has happened to me (I found it during covid- talk about a silver lining - more like gold!)
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Activating bandhas does take practice (especially the pelvic floor bandha) before it feels easy and not like you are tensing everything, at least that has been my experience. And fatigue can drop in quickly at first, meaning it seems to take even more tensing to activate after that. So…shorter practices to start and then keeping in mind the 60% recommendation (activating using 60% of your strength instead of full on 100%) can help. Don’t give up!

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Hi Heather,

We are so happy you found us too!

Yes as was shared below, it does take time and can be more of a subtle engagement as you build up capacity. The workshop will be posted to the asana lab section of the site! It is in the same drop down bar as classes.

Thank you for your reply, I’m not giving up :+1:, I’m working on being more consistent in my practice and patient with myself as well. :two_hearts:

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Hello Fiji, Thank you so much, I will return to it for sure :+1:, and am working on the program called " establishing your core stability and strength" , the second half of which, is quite challenging . I am being patient with myself and enjoying the learning process. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I absolutely agree that it takes time for engaging the bandhas to not feel like tensing. It eventually becomes natural and almost automatic. Being sure you’re engaging in ujjayi breath also helps. Give yourself grace and time.