Vigorous practice for endurance and flexibility


I’m looking for an intense, vigorous practice with few to no breaks that really ignites the body. I struggle with hamstring/hip/IT band et al flexibility, and typical yoga practices just don’t do it for me in terms of activating deeper layers. The only success I have had in improving strength, balance, and flexibility is in practices where the body is thoroughly warmed, positions are held for an ample amount of time, and the transitions are slow and intentional to get into the ancillary portions of the hips. I’m searching for that feeling where the body is sweaty and shaking, but strong and limber when accompanied by a deep mental focus. Fiji and Ron are the only instructors I’ve found who approach this level of practice, primarily in Fiji’s Yoga for Athletes and Renewing Power in Flow, as well as her 14 Day Challenge. I was introduced to yoga through P90X, which has a lot of aspects I like, but lacks quality ques like those offered by DYWM. Any help or recommendations to videos on this site or elsewhere would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Rob.

Wow, you really know what kind of class gets you going! I can see how Fiji and Ron would fit that bill. Have you tried any of Rachel’s classes? Her pace may be a bit slower, but with her intermediate classes the level of intensity may be exactly what you were looking for. She is extremely skilled with alignment and language and she tends to teach more difficult class flows.

Let me know if you give her a try. We will have a lot more classes with her coming out soon.




Great Scott! You were absolutely right. She is very helpful. I found the perfect video: Heavenly Hips. It didn’t pop up before because it is not tagged as any style of yoga, so it was sorted out of the results when I looked for Vinyasa/Power or Hatha yoga.


Yes! Glad you liked it.

And thanks for pointing out the tagging issue. I’ll go in and label it ‘hatha’ now.