Back to the mat with pleasure and joy

Hi :slight_smile:

First, I’d like to say a huge thank you for this website. It helps me practice at home, at my one pace, needs, preferences, and quiet place. I absolutely love it. THANK YOU.

I would like to tell you a bit about myself and ask for a suggestion for my next yoga practice, because I am struggling lately to chose a suitable program/challenge.

I practice yoga for about 4 years and finished a 200h teachers program last year.
Yoga is my savior… it helped me a lot during hard and stressful times. It helped me finish a BSc degree, keeping a more relax and focus mind, being more loving and kind to others and myself, and dealing with chronic pain.
I practice mainly Fiji’s and Tracey’s intermediate or advanced classes, love flow classes combining with breathwork, and short meditations.

For the past 2 months, I find myself feeling more tired, having a hard time to practice every morning like I used to. My upper back pain started to show up in the mornings and sometimes after yoga practice, so I feel maybe it makes me avoid the practice to avoid the pain that might get afterwards.
In addition, 2 weeks ago I had a small surgery (Laparoscopy in my ovary). I had to be at complete rest for these 2 weeks, so I have not practiced yoga during that period of time. Now I feel much better, ready for getting back gradually to practice.

I’d love to get a suggestion for a program \ challenge \ classes which could help me “get back to the mat” with joy and pleasure, at a slow pace.

Send you love,

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Aha,we definitely have things in common!
I do intermediate classes in general, but if my body feels too painfull, I don’t hesitate to do “quiet” beginners yoga classes (with David,Melissa, Rachel), or even meditations to unwind. I love yin classes, but don’t easily find them whithout music/talking. Tell me if you find some!
Tracey and Fiji both have “back to the mat” classes if I recall right. Ron has a great class focussed on the pleasure of the practice.
Finding ease, and joy in my body is a proper challenge sometimes, even if I don’t have proper health issues yet, if is more chronic pain due to chronic tension. Yoga really makes sense for me!
A live teatcher would tell you to rest when you need to (even during any class) and listen you your body, I guess? But it is not always easy :wink:
Take care

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Hi to both you and @linor.bohar8. Thank you for reaching out and requesting some additional information in regards to “listening to the body”. I am a huge believer that if we feel the call to rest ~ we listen. If we feel the call to slow down ~ we do. If we have a lot of energy ~ we go for it. Every single day is different on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Never are they the same, and that’s so important to recognize. Yoga is about listening and practicing with the least amount of effort. When we have the push to do more, feel more or want more it often leads to injury or fatigue.
There is a gift of giving back to ourselves in preparation of your space in your home, the practice you choose and the feeling body you arrive with. The time to settle in.
I would recommend a variety of classes to begin with, Yin is perfect ~ Melissa teaches some slow flow classes, David also teaches gentle yoga, and meditation. Some of my most recent classes are a bit more gentle in nature, still including the flow. I might steer you away from any challenges at the moment and let you know we are putting together a 14 day challenge at the moment based in self practice. We are only filming so it’s not available yet. Stay tuned!
I hope that helps and please reach out if I can help in any other way. My email is

Stay healthy, stay happy, and keep flowing.



Thank you for your comment!
It’s a learning process for me (listening to me/my body)… But I feel definitely better since I practice yoga.
I began the DYWM teatcher training, I think we’ll meet there! :hugs:
Have a great day,

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Thank you Tracey!
Your words moved me, I am going to listen to your recommendations, practice slowly, and rest when I feel I need to. I hope I’ll feel the energy levels rise up gradually :slight_smile:
For me, it is hard not to choose the more challenging lessons, but this is my lesson and I practice it, on the mat and off the mat.

So happy to receive your response, I feel like I am talking to a celebrity…

Have a great weakend,

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I’m so happy to hear you are in our teacher training! We will definitely meet there and I look forward to that. Until then, keep listening to your body, and always enjoy your practice.

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Hi Linor, I am glad you are able to slow down a little and dig in when it feels good. Your energy levels with naturally increase, and it’s such a wonderful gift when our serotonin levels rise, and we fall in love with our practice in a whole new way.

Slow and Steady, with an open heart!

Happy long weekend to you,

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