Help Fiji Create new Challenges to meet your needs!

Hello wonderful DoYogaWithMe community!

This is Fiji McAlpine, and I have a special request for you.

I will be spending more time designing content this year and would like your help! What you would like to see more of on the site - in particular, what kinds of challenges and programs would you like us to add?

A few things to think about:

  1. Intention, theme or goal
  2. Length (number of days)
  3. Class durations
  4. Level
  5. Style

I am incredibly proud to be part of the doyogawithme team and am excited to create new content to help our community grow and thrive. Thank you in advance for the insight!


I’ve been doing yoga regularly for a few years but since December I’ve been faithfully following different Challenges and Programs on DYWM. So I’ve experienced how beneficial a defined progression is in helping me get stronger and more flexible. So from that perspective, here are things I’d like (I’m Challenging Beginner / Intermediate I level):

  • Instead of a variety of classes in a Challenge/Program - start with one defined set sequences/class. Start out “easy” and with each class, vary the pose/sequence with more challenging variations. So the structure of the class remains the same, but the poses become more difficult. An excellent example of this method is on Movement for Modern Life / Kate Walker.

  • I would love longer classes in the Beginner II / Intermediate I levels. Just because we may be beginners according to our strength and flexibility, it doesn’t mean we don’t have endurance. Sometimes it just means we need a little more time to get into a pose. I’d love to see some “traditional” classes (warm-up, sun salutations, standing poses, balance, backbend, then seated/relaxation poses) in a 60-90 minute length. I think Rachel’s Intermediate I classes are a good pace, allowing you time to get into a pose.

  • I’d love some “classes” that are simply “yoga drills” (I don’t know how to name it.) I find I get stronger when I do certain movements for reps. As I go through your (Fiji’s) classes, I take notes of the moves you do for reps. Likewise from Melissa’s and Guy’s classes. Then I practice them on my own. It would be fun to have a series of “Strengthening for Yoga” drills and progressions.


Hello Fiji! I would love to have Guy do a 30 day program for us but with longer classes and keeping his style!!! The Intermediate I classes could also be put together in a 30 day program or challenge that progresses naturally along. I do not think there is a one for that level of student. Also for students who are at this level, it would be nice to have classes that run about one hour. For me, I waste so much time sorting through the hundreds of wonderful classes trying to pick which one to do next. That is why I enjoy doing the challenges and programs that you offer. I especially like flow classes that incorporate many poses, balances, an inversion, and final rest. Thank you for your work!

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More choices for wrist-free or shoulder-safe options.
Us oldsters sometimes have issues.


I’d love to see an intermediate class that does not involve downward dog. I have very low blood pressure, I suffer from migraines and I have disc degeneration in my upper spine/neck, and I find downward dog very difficult, quite painful and often impossible to hold for more than a few seconds. A well rounded, challenging class without this pose would be heaven!

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hi Fiji,

Greetings from Dubai!

I love your classes and challenges. I would like to see a few series dedicated to specific themes. I suffer from Scoliosis and am constantly looking for back & core strengthening classes. 30 day challenge seems long to me so a 14 day back management challenge and perhaps another core strengthening challenge at intermediate level would be amazing. atleast 30-45 minutes in length would be great.


I would love to see more Intermediate 1 classes. I will be 70 this year and need yoga more than ever but any of the progressive classes for Intermediate start at a good advanced beginner or intermediate pace and then progress so rapidly to what for me is advanced.
I do a yoga class every day and appreciate many of the wonderful teachers on this site.Class duration length best for myself is 30 to 40 mins. of flow style yoga. I also like kundalini and breathwork.


Thank you for this amazing, well thought out reply! I have taken many notes and got some great inspiration from your suggestions!

I love this idea 14 day core focus coming your way!


This is great feedback and something for us to consider for those with wrist and shoulder injuries too. One suggestion for the time being, is when a teacher cues downward dog do table top pose instead.

This is a great idea and one I am now in the midst of developing. It is my goal to create more challenges and programs than we have ever had on the site before. So many people, including me have the same issue you do, spending time deciding what to do! It is nice to open and hit play each day!


Thanks for the suggestion! Will do.

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I would really enjoy a couples yoga challenge/classes where it is partnered yoga (helping support each other in poses) and not just doing yoga side by side on our on mats (which is nice too!)


Hi Fiji,

First of all, thanks for all you do - your classes have benefitted my practice so much this year, and I’ve especially loved doing all the challenges (currently working my way through the 21 day arm/shoulder strength one and the PNF series).

Just as there are challenges intended to build strength in specific areas, I would love classes and/or challenges that hone in on flexibility. I have a pretty solid Intermediate practice at this point, and there are a fair amount of peak poses that aren’t accessible to me right now simply because I’m not flexible enough. Thus I’d love to see material dedicated specifically to improving flexibility in specific areas ex splits, backbends, etc. I’d love a 21 day series with that kind of intent. Similarly, I’d love to see some one-off stretching routines on the site. I love all the short PNF videos, but I would love to see a longer routine I could follow to meet flexibility goals.


Hello from London Fiji !

Firstly, just to say that I love your classes, I think I have done most of them and I have several on repeat, so thank you for providing us such wonderful content already.

For me, what would be great is to have more Intermediate classes that that are physically challenging but without poses that are very difficult to do ( i.e. standing upside down or such like). In other words long classes ( on the one hour mark ) that push us into a really good workout but without asking us to get into poses that are probably never going to happen ( I know I know, never say never, but … ).
I particularly like balancing poses so it would be great to have longer classes with a good chunk of balancing poses.


How about a series of seven day classes averaging 69-90 minutes all progressing toward one peak pose. So that at the end of seven days you’ve built a really strong foundation for some of the more challenging peak poses. Focus on the twist, balance, core strength. Something to come back to again to try to get to the full expression of the peak pose.


Hello Fiji,
First and foremost, thank you for all your classes and challenges. My wife and I are have been comfortably doing your classes at Intermediate II and II levels for over a year and are very happy with your instructions. Precise, sufficient and no unnecessary comments ever. Pragmatically, you are a unique instructor in that I never experience any pain or discomfort after completing your classes or challenges. So, thank you!

My wife would prefer to have some intention/goal-oriented classes, like working on balance or developing strength. She is very flexible and needs to work on her developing her strength. So, not necessarily back bends or downward dog but to “holistically” evolve and to move towards a goal. We realize that yoga is a never-ending process and there are no set goals, per se, but we enjoy your classes where you show how to approach balance.

For me, it would be nice to have not only a usual set of poses but do some other combinations and work on improving my flexibility, balance, bow pose and to learn how to move with “determination”. It would be nice to, perhaps, do a completely different sequence (or even introduce a different style?) and I enjoy those classes, as there are some posted.

Class durations are fine. I like 1-hour long classes and I need 30 minute classes sometimes.

I am glad that you will be posting new content and we really look forward to continuing with you.

I very much enjoy the classes at DoYogaWithMe. I usually fit pretty well into the Intermediate classes with one exception. I am 80 years old and find that I can do 3 or 4 Vinyasas but after that my upper body strength isn’t up to it. I do wish there were more intermediate classes geared to the over 50’s! Yes, I know. I can just stay in down dog until the vinyasa is finished…And I have tried several challenges. I love the variety! Many thanks, Jean

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Dear @Fiji, thank you for involving the community.

1st suggestion:
Personally, I would love an intense challenge with lots of sweat! There are not so many advanced challenges around, compared to beginner and intermediate ones.

2nd suggestion (could be merged with the one above):
I would like to see a challenge featuring only 1-hour lessons. I do yoga at the end of the working day, and sometimes - as I work from home - it is complicated for me to sync my timetable with lessons ranging from 25 to 50+ minutes (as in existing challenges). Knowing that an hour of yoga is waiting for me would help me to plan my evenings with a steady routine.

Ciao from Italy!


Thank you Mckenzie,

This is a great suggestion, we ofter think that just by practicing yoga we are focusing on flexibility, but more emphasis is needed in that area for a lot of us. A freedom of movement through flexibilty challenge is a great idea, I will add that to the list!