Can you straighten your knees?

I love this site and am having lots of fun with Fiji and Crista’s classes. The one thing that seems to be holding me back is that I can’t straighten my knees, for example, when doing a forward bend. Is there a certain pose or exercise that I can do every day to help with this? Or are there lots of super yogis out there whose knees are also bent? :wink:

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Oh yes, many yogis find it difficult to straighten their knees. This is purely due to hamstring tightness. Any hamstring stretch will help, particularly if you stretch one leg at a time so you can focus more and put a little energy into straightening your knee. It can take time, so be patient and do your best to relax where you feel the stretch, since this is often related to tension.

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Thanks David, I’ll work on that then. Kind of you to offer tips. Can I say thank you so much for creating this site and keeping it going. Truly a blessing in the world. Namaste.

I should add that I really enjoyed and benefited from your deep release for hamstrings class but the length meant I could only really do it once a week. Now I’ve just noticed that you have a 20 minute hamstrings session and I’ll use that lots. Again, thanks!:pray:

Awesome! And you’re welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: