Trouble with poses without locking knees

In trying to follow clues and maintain proper posture, I tend to often resort to straightening my knees. For instance, how exactly do you “lift your knees” without straightening the legs too much? I should admit that straightening (hyperextending?) is more comfortable for me due to many years of aerobic activity abuse. Thanks. :

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Hello there. Great question - it can be challenging for many to understand how to straighten the legs, particularly if you tend to hyperextend the joint.

The cue ‘life your knees’ is meant to teach you how to engage your legs in a light, gentle way, that activates the quads without pressing the knees back. The other approach is to activate both the front and back muscles of the legs equally, so the knee isn’t pressing in one direction more than the other.

I hope that makes sense!

It does! Thank you so much!

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