Dancer Pose Question


Hi i have been practicing yoga pretty much everyday for 15 months as a beginner and finally… i consider myself intermediate Yahoo. But during a class going into dancer the teacher said grab the inside of your foot. I have been holding the outside of my foot all these months. Have i been doing it wrong all this time? I find holding the inside very strange feeling. Thanks


Hi, my teacher in class also says to grab the inside of the foot. Not sure if it is a standard or a standard variation. Anastasia’s class on DYWM has you hold the outside of the foot.


Hi there. There’s no right way to hold the foot. However, the advantage to holding the inside of the foot is that it encourages you to engage the inner line of the leg, which helps prevent your leg from splaying out to the side and rotating laterally. In other words, it’s a way to encourage you to ‘hug the midline’, keeping your body aligned well.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Hi yes this does make sense. Thanks for the clarification and thanks for such a great yoga site. I practice yoga daily with you and your wonderful teachers.