Knee Placement in Tree Pose

Guy sent me an answer on this subject and the contemporary view of placing the foot on the knee. It is on Guy’s Beginning Flow class page. I tried to link to it but couldn’t get the link to work. Thank you, Guy.
I’m leaving my original post here because I feel Guy had some excellent comments about the “myths” of yoga. His comparison of the knee joints to Lego blocks makes sense to me. He also suggested questioning yoga practices which I may not have to do anytime soon. I enjoy at-home practices with DYWM and YouTube videos for the barre practices I enjoy. I’m also saving money because I don’t have to drive 20-30 minutes to studio classes.
My first studio yoga teacher taught us not to put our foot on our knee when in tree pose because it might put too much strain on the knee joint. Are there differing opinions on this? Is it okay to place the foot on the knee in tree pose or should it be placed above or below the knee? Thank you for any opinions on this.

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Thank you! I went to the page and read his answer.

I have been doing yoga a long time. I was always told never to do tree pose with the opposite foot pressing against the knee. Always told below or above.

It would be better to avoid this kind of pressure on the knee, as this joint doesn’t “like” lateral movements, So, above or below the knee will always be a safer option.