Elbows in down dog

Hi everybody,
I have a question about the position/rotation of elbows in downward facing dog.

In this asana, the “eyes” of the elbows should naturally be turned inwards, or should I put a conscious effort to rotate them toward the front of the mat? This has an effect also on the shoulder girdle. I heard this instruction in a class and I am wondering about this option since then.

Thank you and stay safe!

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I’ve often wondered about this as I am unable to straighten my arms and assume that position.

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Hi! I found David’s tutorial on downward dog helpful when I began my practice years ago.


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Thank you for the video! David explained it gracefully.


@ dmco6863, same here, due to limited shoulder mobility. I’ve found it somewhat helpful to place my hands wide, pinkies off the mat. But even so, I don’t have the flexibility required to align hands, shoulders, and hips. Down dog remains a very intense, challenging pose for me.

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