Transition from Upward-facing dog to Downward-facing dog

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I am a big fan of Fiji and I noticed that, during transitions from Up dog to Down dog, she makes a kind of “push up”, bending the elbows before straightening them back again for Down dog. It seems like there is a kind of chaturanga in between.

While other teachers simply keep their arms straight as they are (in fact, it would make more sense to make less effort!).

I don’t mind at all placing a “chaturanga”, or whatever it may be, in the middle of this transition, I was only wondering if there is an official way to move from Up to Down dog, or if that is a personal choice.


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It’s a personal choice. In one of her videos she says something like “an extra push-up or not”. I tend to straighten out the back first and then move to down-dog.
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Thank you Stefan! :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s also designed to protect your lower back. Lifting directly from Upward facing dog to downward facing dog can strain the lower back if you don’t engage your core strongly, whereas her transition is more gradual.


Thank you David! That makes a lot of sense :blush:

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Totally agree with you David! I’ve noticed this too.

If you don’t have the arm strength for a push-up you could straighten your back and micro pause there in the transition from down to up dog.

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