Flying Pigeon Progression

I’ve been working on flying pigeon for a while and still have a fear of falling on my face.

I was doing a non DYWM class on the weekend and they suggested using a block to practice to get in to the position with leg extended - so you put the large surface of the block down in front of you and lean forward to place your forhead/top of the head on it while extending the leg. I had been using pillows before that and really didn’t feel like it was very effective, but using the block like this was really helpful to me and I could extend the leg and feel safe doing so. In being able to safely try this pose without fear of face planting, it also made me realize that I am most definately not able to do this pose on the left yet because I don’t have the hip flexability - my knee kept slipping off my arm on that side - and I had been wondering for a while if this was the main problem or not, but using the block with this position made me realize that it definately is.

Hope this may be helpful to anyone else struggling with this pose.


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Great suggestion, Antigone. I like that modification.

And great timing… we’re just launching Tracey Noseworthy’s 3-part video series that takes you to flying pigeon pose (eka pada galavasana). The first class, Flying Pigeon Pose: Preparation, is already up. The following two classes will be posted over the next two days, Nov 21 and Nov 22.

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Hi David, yes I saw that and am greatly looking forward to it.

I’m am saddeded though that I will have to stop practicing the way I normally do in 2 weeks due to foot surgery. I plan on continuing to get up early and follow along with a practice, and visualize myself doing all the poses that I cannot do (which will be all in the beginning) and then adding in the poses I can from either sitting or standing when I am allowed to partial weight bear. I’m so afraid of taking many steps backward though. This will be an interesting challenge for me.

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Yes, surgery and injury can be a challenging time. I wish you quick healing!

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