Peak Pose Challenge: Firefly with Fiji


Our 1st group Peak Pose Challenge begins on September 10th. In this one, Fiji takes you to Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana) through a series of 3 classes.

Post here if you would like to share comments or ask questions.

Titivasana question

Great that you’re doing this.

Is this the type of pose that should be achievable to do in three classes or is this more about laying the foundations for doing in the future? Is it mainly for advanced students?

Is there a chance of doing a peak pose challenge on bridge in the future. I’ve also wondered how I can progress from doing back bends to bridge without doing myself an injury!


Day one done! Great arm strengthening class, and I was encouraged that I could fly for a second! Thank you, Fiji!


It depends on your body, but many can absolutely achieve this in 3 poses. It is for intermediate to advanced students.

Yes, we’re planning on doing a peak pose challenge for full wheel pose, which will involve variations on full wheel, including bridge pose.


Way to go! On to class 2! :slight_smile:


Hello! I’ve done all three classes in the workshop! Thank you for creating them. How can I prevent myself from straining my lower back in firefly?


Happy to hear you have done all three classes. It is important to remember that these peak poses take time, flexibility and strength are key factors in this pose and those take time to develop. It may be that doing the first 2 classes for a while is needed to prepare you to move saftely into the pose. Straigtening the legs asks a lot of the hamstrings and over doing this could lead to a strain in the lower back. Try working on wide legged forward fold as a daily pracitce to prep your body for this frame.